Lindsay and Jon’s Destination Wedding – Cornet Bay, WA

Lindsay and Jon Wedding – Cornet Bay, WA

A stormy Whidbey Island Wedding, I hope the Newlyweds have a lifetime of calm seas!

Lindsay and Jon’s destination wedding was set on Cornet Bay. None of the family and friends were from Washington and traveled as far away as Quebec.

My perfect record of good weather came to an end on September 22, 2018 at Lindsay and Jon’s wedding. A light rain at the ceremony turned to a downpour and the blasted by high winds. We headed down to the beach for quick photos, double rainbow and sunset.

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Love without Borders. Rivka and Mark Bohemian – Orcas Island Wedding

Rivka and Mark

Bohemian Orcas Island Wedding

If I needed to pick a favorite wedding, this would be it. Not because the images are the best photographs. What separates this wedding from the rest is the fusion of rich, cultural traditions and modern bohemian style. Rivka is Jewish and Mark is German and the wedding guests came from all over the world. A true destination wedding.

At every moment –  from before the wedding ceremony to the final dance at the reception, there was something happening. A camera was in hand the whole day and It was fun to be a part of.

There was also a spontaneity as some things just happened, even the bride and groom were kept on their toes by the guests. The Jewish and German traditions had a personalized, multicultural modern twists. Before the wedding, each family did toasts to the bride and groom. Not too many tears, but some amazing words of encouragement and lots of laughter. Instead of the bride walking down the aisle, the two families united  and walked arm in arm to their seats followed by the bride and groom. The ceremony was 30 minutes, packed with songs, chants, poems, rings, kiss, vows, candle lighting, bread and breaking a plate. At the reception, lanterns hung on the trees and inside Oddfellow’s Hall. Both Rivka and Marc work and live around the world. These were all brought from Asia for the wedding. The dried and fresh flowers were grown on Rivka’s family farm in Orcas Island. The dried flowers were made over two-years. Near the altar and chhupa, there was a large, detailed mandala done out the flowers.

Rivka and Mark were truly in love and there wasn’t a time after the entrance they were not together. I ran into Rivka at the local food Co-Op recently and they continue to work and live abroad with their daughter.

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Black Days – Homeless in Medford, OR Series #3.

Black Days – Homeless in Medford, OR Series #3.

Yesterday, I had a chance to talk and photograph

some amazing people. Survivors. These people have a past, an unfortunate present and with hope, empathy and help an optimistic future.

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Tony Craig in a parka – Thawing out – Snowmeggedon 2019

Tony Craig in a parka

Snowmeggedon 2019

I have really enjoyed all the snow pics and feel real bad I’m sitting down here in 48 degrees Medford. So, here’s Tony Craig in a parka to thaw out the north!
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Black Days – Presentation in Medford, OR.

Black Days presentation in Medford, OR. February 10, 2019 at the First Presbyterian Church of Medford, Jazz Vespers.

Here is a short video and text of the presentation for Black Days.


Black Days – Portrait Photography Homeless in Medford.

This series of portraits were shot in Medford over several months in 2018.

What makes Medford any different than any town or city in the United States? Well…nothing. That was the point. I could shoot photos in Kansas City, Los Angeles or Seattle. Medford might be a small town in Southern Oregon, but shares the same crisis that is continuously worsening across not only the Pacific Northwest, but the whole United States.

The series also has a very personal connection. My younger brother, Chad,  was homeless and on the street. His story did not end well. The timing of these photos is also a tribute to my brother and 2018 would have been my his 47th birthday. I do miss him.

I had a chance to talk and photograph some amazing people. Survivors. These people have a past, an unfortunate present and with hope, empathy and help a future.

All the proceeds from these photographs go directly to The Bridge. The Bridge offers a long- term housing solution for the homeless. To make a Donation to The Bridge buy a print or buy them all.

Special thanks to The First Presbyterian Church of Medford, Robin, Angelee and Pastor Richmond for the encouragement to start this project and the compassionate, committed work you do.

Aaron – A photograph makes a difference.

Aaron – A photograph makes a difference.


I had the chance to take Aaron’s photo in September 2018. A couple weeks later I mailed prints to the church in hopes that everyone I shot would get one. This is how a photograph made a difference. Aaron received his and was instantly moved by it. He returned home to show his mom the print. His mother was stunned to see Aaron again and  that someone would want to take his photo in the first place. Through this reconnection, because of a print, Aaron is now off the streets (and back on his medication!).
Aaron – Black Days – Medford, OR.

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Evening of Jazz and Photography. Black Days – Exhibition. Featuring Mark Hamersly Trio.

It’s going to be a memorable evening of Jazz and Photography.
Black Days – Exhibition – Gallery Show
Jazz Vespers, featuring Mark Hamersly Trio.
Sunday, Feb 10, 5:00.
Last of the PR for the show…promise!

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Black Days – Gallery Show. Medford, OR February 10, 2019

Black Days – Gallery Show

First Presbyterian Church of MedfordMedford, OR
February 10, 2019
5pm – Free Admission

I am showcasing my series Black Days at the The First Presbyterian Church of Medford. The show will be launched at the Jazz Vespers event and run for a month (or until sold out). The proceeds go directly to The Bridge.
A small Southern Oregon town with large city problems, not unlike most towns and cities in the United States. This series of portraits were shot in Medford, OR over several months in 2018.


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Darkroom – February 2019. Naramata Vineyard. Okanagan Wine Country

Naramata Vineyard. Okanagan Wine Country
British Columbia, Canada


Darkroom – February 2019 is published and in your inbox. Link in comments!

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